[zeromq-dev] Question on ZMQ_POLLERR -- what exact error(s) this flag should represent?

Matt Connolly matt.connolly at me.com
Fri Sep 27 00:33:32 CEST 2013

No, ZMQ sockets never generate ZMQ_POLLERR.

On 27/09/2013, at 8:06 AM, Artem Vysochyn <artem.vysochyn at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi Matt,
> Thanks for reply. But if I use only ZMQ socket everywhere in
> application, then should poller-s catch ZMQ_POLLERR along  with
> 2013/9/27 Matt Connolly <matt.connolly at me.com>:
>> It’s useful. I used it recently to build an event loop that would respond to ZMQ messages or data received on a plain old socket (pipe, tcp or stdin) and detect errors on that plain old socket.
>> -Matt
>> On 27 Sep 2013, at 6:59 am, Artem Vysochyn <artem.vysochyn at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Sorry, the typo: >>>> ... driving non-ZMQ-sockets ...
>>> 2013/9/26 Artem Vysochyn <artem.vysochyn at gmail.com>:
>>>> hello there,
>>>> I'm reading the api guide, http://api.zeromq.org/3-2:zmq-poll, and a
>>>> bit confused by definition ZMQ_POLLERR.
>>>> Here it's:
>>>> For standard sockets, this flag is passed through zmq_poll() to the
>>>> underlying poll()system call and generally means that some sort of
>>>> error condition is present on the socket specified by fd. For ØMQ
>>>> sockets this flag has no effect if set in events, and shall never be
>>>> returned in revents by zmq_poll().
>>>> <<
>>>> 1. So does it mean  that this flag is sort of "internal thing" for
>>>> zmq_poll() for driving non-sockets?
>>>> 2. External clients of zmq_poll() will not benefit from it  if they
>>>> pass to poller ZMQ_POLLERR as event of interest?
>>>> Thanks in advance.
>>>> -artemv
>>> _

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