[zeromq-dev] FileMQ and Latest CZMQ

HG Choi c.hogyun at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 10:48:40 CEST 2013

To Developers,

I am fairly new to ZMQ, CZMQ, so please bare with me!

In the recent CZMQ-2.x, certain deprecated functions were removed.

* Removed deprecated zstr_sendfm () method.
* Removed deprecated zstr_sendf () method.


I am currently trying to build a reliable, robust, and tolerant file server
and have chosen ZMQ for the task.

In the ZGuide, in the section Transferring Files, fileio3 uses the
deprecated methods mentioned above, for instance:
*while* (true) {
 *while* (credit) {
 *// Ask for next chunk*
 zstr_sendfm (dealer, "fetch");
 zstr_sendfm (dealer, "%ld", offset);
 zstr_sendf (dealer, "%ld", CHUNK_SIZE);
 offset += CHUNK_SIZE;

Will this section of the guide not be relevent for the latest releases of

Also, looking into FileMQ, I was not able to build it using the latest ZMQ
and CZMQ available on github. I am suspecting this is due to the new recent
removal of the methods. Am I wrong?

I probably have not spent enough time investigating these issues further,
so I might be completely disillusioned.

If you could shed some light on the issue, or even building a file server,
that would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

HG Choi
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