[zeromq-dev] Trouble building CZMQ master with libzmq installed to ${prefix}/lib64

KIU Shueng Chuan nixchuan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 11:16:48 CEST 2013


Using OpenSUSE 12.3 x64 with distribution packaged ZeroMQ 3.2.2 installed
to /usr/lib64.

Built libzmq master with:
./configure --prefix=/home/user/local
Libraries get installed to /home/user/local/lib64
(The same problem occurs if I don't supply the prefix, it just gets
installed to /usr/local/lib64 instead)

Build czmq master with
./configure --with-libzmq=/home/user/local
Build fails with:

/bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC   --mode=link gcc -std=gnu99 -g
-I/home/user/local/include -g -O2  -L/home/user/local/lib  -o czmq_selftest
czmq_selftest.o libczmq.la -lzmq -lsodium -lpthread
libtool: link: gcc -std=gnu99 -g -I/home/user/local/include -g -O2 -o
.libs/czmq_selftest czmq_selftest.o  -L/home/user/local/lib
./.libs/libczmq.so -L/usr/local/lib -lzmq -lsodium -lpthread
./.libs/libczmq.so: undefined reference to `zmq_z85_decode'
./.libs/libczmq.so: undefined reference to `zmq_z85_encode'

Problem is that the Makefile provides
instead of

Not familiar with autotools to provide a fix for this.

Note: Build of libzmq tests link fine with libsodium installed to
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