[zeromq-dev] Second Annual Unconference, Portland, Oregon, USA

Michel Pelletier pelletier.michel at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 19:26:12 CEST 2013

Hello folks,

A few months late but still within reason, I am organizing another zeromq
themed  unconference this year in Portland.  Last years conference was
great and I think we had a lot of fun and productive discussion.

This email is to get the ball rolling.  If there is anyone in the Portland
area who can help with space, that would be greatly appreciated.  If not,
you may hear more from me asking the community for more help,
or sponsorship, although I'd prefer going the more organic route. :)

Like last year, this is an unconference, there are no tracks or schedule.
 Show up ready to talk about what you're interested in talking about, get
in the "queue", and you will get 15 minutes to speak your mind.  If the
audience wants you to keep going, they'll let you know.  You can talk about
any number of things, just get back in the queue when you're ready.

I would particularly like to extend a welcome to anyone who has been using
not only zeromq, but other messaging patterns and libraries.  The floor of
discussion will be open to all, so bring your pet projects, war stories,
benchmarks, and experiences down to Portland and let everyone know what you
think and what's going on.

Time and exact location are still to be determined, but mid-late November
is looking pretty good in terms of time, availability of space, and
reasonable travel cost.  Location will very likely be somewhere in downtown
or close in southeast Portland, easily accessible by public transit from
portland's airport.

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Let me know!

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