[zeromq-dev] agent_zmq - A ZeroMQ agent framework for Cucumber scenarios

Chris Busbey cbusbey at connamara.com
Wed Sep 4 19:11:56 CEST 2013

Hi there!

We've just released an open source library for inspecting and and building
ZeroMQ messages to be used in Cucumber scenarios.

Check it out here:


Our company, Connamara Systems, is positioned in the Financial Technology
space to deliver made-to-measure software using agile and test driven
development methodologies. A lot of that software depends on ZeroMQ, and we
make heavy use of Cucumber for our acceptance testing. agent_zmq leverages
ffi-rzmq (https://github.com/chuckremes/ffi-rzmq). The library has been
hardened by many development cycles that are now in production.

If you use BDD and ZeroMQ, agent_zmq could be for you. Contributions

Chris Busbey

Connamara Systems, llc

Chris Busbey
Connamara Systems, LLC
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