[zeromq-dev] Router Identify Events for Socket-Monitor

Tim Crowder crowdert at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Oct 30 23:14:35 CET 2013

Hi All-

I was looking for a way to manage actions/resources around clients connecting and
disconnecting from a router socket. Was happy to see the socket-monitor interface,
but it only gets partway there...
Since the socket-monitor messages deal with file-descriptors as an ID, there still
needs to be a way to tie an fd to the identities that router devices use.

I ran across this post:
but it seems that item #2 was never implemented.

So I took a crack at it, and have functioning code. But because the router device
doesn't have access to the fd, I had to make it accessible from i_engine and pipe.
The patch is very short (~80 lines of actual changes), but I'm still wondering if
there's a cleaner way to do it?

Also, any reason that this feature wasn't added when socket-montitor was added?
Anything special I should do to make sure that a patch gets accepted?



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