[zeromq-dev] Pear Channel seems to by buggy

Jonathan Masmejean jonathan at decideurstv.com
Tue Oct 29 18:39:59 CET 2013


I attempt to make a 

pear channel-discover pear.zero.mq

But it doesn’t work, i get this error : 

Error: No version number found in <channel> tag
Discovering channel pear.zero.mq over http:// failed with message: channel-add: invalid channel.xml file
Trying to discover channel pear.zero.mq over https:// instead
Discovery of channel "pear.zero.mq" failed (channel-add: Cannot open "https://pear.zero.mq/channel.xml" (Connection to `pear.zero.mq:443' failed: ))

Someone have an idea ? 



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