[zeromq-dev] libzmq utility functions

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Tue Oct 29 15:05:18 CET 2013

I agree with that - keep the base library small ...

Am 29.10.2013 11:04, schrieb Peter Kleiweg:
> Pieter Hintjens schreef op de 29e dag van de wijnmaand van het jaar 2013:
> I think these kind of things are more for applications. There,
> you determine what the regular patterns are, and you write
> tiny utility functions that wrap these in a single call.
> But what those typical patterns are depends on the application,
> so I don't think this belongs in the library. At least not in
> the C library.
> Language bindings for languages that work usually on a more
> abstract level could provide higher level functionality. For
> instance, for my Go binding, there is no setsockoption or
> getsockoption. There's a separate function for each option
> (which also works well with the godoc system), and there are
> even some more higher level functions.

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