[zeromq-dev] ZRE/Zbeacon improvement proposal

Bjorn Reese breese at mail1.stofanet.dk
Sat Oct 26 12:31:36 CEST 2013

On 10/26/2013 10:53 AM, Arnaud Loonstra wrote:

> * A node shall send a beacon with a state value of EXIT(2) just before
> it shuts down

What happens when a node disappears (due to a crash, sudden lack of
network connectivity, etc.) without sending the exit state?

> - For passing multiple network segments multicast is often not possible.
> Crossing internet using multicast is nowhere available, to my knowledge.
> In order to overcome this I think the only solution would be to use DNS.

Sound like you are about to reinvent ZeroConf (or a variation thereof.)

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