[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ/NetMQ: identity in PUB/SUB sockets

Giacomo Tesio giacomo at tesio.it
Thu Oct 24 17:22:29 CEST 2013

By reading http://api.zeromq.org/2-2:zmq-setsockopt, *ZMQ_IDENTITY* seem to
be applicable to every type of sockets.

However here
http://lists.zeromq.org/pipermail/zeromq-dev/2011-April/010354.html it was
suggested to remove this feature for PUB/SUB in 3.0.

Was it removed?
If so, is there a way to use it in NetMQ (since it's supported in zmq 2.2,
and NetMQ github pages cites such compatibility

I'd say that such feature would be useful in IPC contexts (like mine), so I
wouldn't have removed it... :-(

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