[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ Normal Socket Connectivity Issue

Pieter Hintjens ph at imatix.com
Tue Oct 22 19:28:07 CEST 2013

Hi Rashmi,

If you're going to use ZMQ_STREAM for everything, the results will be
clumsy compared to using PUB/SUB.

Look in the tests/test_stream.cpp program for an example of how to send to
a stream socket as client or server.


On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 7:17 PM, Rashmiranjan <rbehuria at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Team,
> I am developing one own message Queue where Queue can receive multiple
> request from different publishers and  will distribute to different
> subscribers(host). i checked in the net and found ZeroMQ is the suitable
> solution for my requirement.
> So I downloaded ZeoMQ 4.0.1 library and samples from the site and used the
> sample application to test. By using ZMQ_STREAM my Queue is able to receive
> the data from the normal socket but not able to send to normal socket.
> Kindly have any idea or any parameter need to set for the normal socket
> connectivity.
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> Thanx and Regards
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