[zeromq-dev] zeromq for arm9

Grzegorz Brzeziński grzegorz.brzezinski at ibcol.pl
Tue Oct 22 15:58:29 CEST 2013


I'm trying to develop an application for a small embedded computer Moxa 
IA240 with ARM9 CPU.  There's an operating system Linux Moxa 2.6.9-uc0 
#273 on board. I'm using a cross-compiler and I managed to cross-compile 
the zeromq library and copied the first client-server application from 
the tutorial. Unfortunatelly I'm getting errors such as: Error 
number:11, "Resource temporarily unavailable" during zmq_bind (function 
return 0 but zmq_errno is 11). I get this error also during zmq_connect 
and zmq_send. In addition, after the zmq_bind I can see the application 
listens on *:555, I can establish a TCP/IP socket connection with a 
terminal but message send/receive fails. Despite the errors I tried a 
lot of different binds: REQ/REP, PUB/SUB etc but nothing works.. What 
can be the problem?

Grzegorz Brzezinski

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