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Matthew Kaufman mkfmncom at gmail.com
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 - Intel 10GbE Cards
 - XMPP bridge around…. ????  hm; processing header packets and feeding action events to pure take (execute) on / inside of the HaProxy internals?

1) Goal: Make a load balance on the server instead of the client.  Extending this concept; Do you mean; host a load balancer on the nodes or in front of the nodes that which the PUBlishers are PUBLISHING to the SUBscribers on?


1.a) Your rack would have a Top-of-Rack Node (the load balancing router;) which connections via in the pub/sub are able to seamlessly and passively pass through in the middle without any knowledge of your existing application or code or net architecture ; correct?

   2.a) Easy; add an Intel PCIe 10GBe 4 or 6 port interface card probably into the load balancer node; 
   2.b) Install and configure and figure out the right architecture and pass thru strategy you want to employ.  It should be fairly easy..  Are you using XMPP with the PubSub?  I assume; but it has been 2 years since I have done PubSub.  I like RabbitMQ + AMQP + HaProxy + eJabberd on a high speed 10 gig ethernet or fibre channel switch; fanning out your publishers streams and incoming subscribers to the proper aggregation points via perhaps maybe even a clustered rabbitmq instances.

	I noticed you listed a phone number.  Give me a call at 801 577 5726 :).  My name is Matt Kaufman and I am interested in this topic highly as well as OEM hardware experimentation and live testing.

How many x per second are you looking to achieve overall?  

2) or… Goal: A router capable of managing all connections and those connections listening for many publishers via a pass-thru on the router?

On Oct 19, 2013, at 9:12 AM, Luis Alberto Romero Calderon <blackzerogamer at gmail.com> wrote:

> there's any way to make a load balance but on the server instead on the client? 
> I want to create a router that manage all connections and those connections listening for many publisher but connected to 2 router.
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