[zeromq-dev] Too many open files

HG Choi c.hogyun at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 04:07:12 CEST 2013

Hello Developers,

I am currently running the
"lbbroker2: Load balancing broker using high-level API in C" example
provided in the zguide on a Linux Ubuntu machine. I have changed the number
of workers and clients both to 100 for testing purposes:

#define NBR_CLIENTS 100
#define NBR_WORKERS 100

This how ever results in an Abort, where signaler.cpp states that there are
Too many open files. It seems that any sum of workers and clients up to
about 140 will cause this problem. How ever this is only the case when a
single process tries to start all the threads.

If I have the broker and worker on one process communicating through inproc
and then individually start the client processes and communicate via tcp, I
can do a combination of 100 workers and 100+ clients without the error.
This will be the more practical model, so this is good.

But I am still limited to only around 140 workers, where each client will
be given a session with a worker. I am guessing I won't even have to
utilize all 140 workers for what I want to accomplish at this given moment,
but I am lead to believe that surely more than 140 workers can be spawned.
Maybe I should individually spawn the workers and communicate with the
broker via TCP?  I am wondering if this is a machine specific issue, libzmq
configuration issue, or even just a model construction issue on my part.

Guidance would be appreciated and thank you for reading,

Ho-Gyun Choi
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