[zeromq-dev] messaging systems as a module system for various languages including clojure.

crocket crockabiscuit at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 03:21:07 CEST 2013

The modularity need of eclipse has evolved the most advanced modularity
system on this planet which is OSGi.

java can benefit from it, and scala has scala components which are a less
sophisticated but good-enough module system.

For clojure, there is a demo project named clojure.osgi, but it doesn't
seem to be production-ready.
There is metaverse, but it's abandoend 2 hours after the main dev started

But then, I figured out core.async could be used to implement SOA in
jzmq or JeroMQ could be used in clojure, too.
SOA is inherently modular and can be used to mediate module version
differences via protocol design.

However, since I designed a simple protocol for sending IRC messages, I
know that protocol designing consumes much more time than just grouping
codes in a module by OSGi.
Also, marshalling could become expensive in a big deployment like eclipse.

It seems to be a dead end for now, so I might come in and devise a light
module system.

Does anyone have a good idea about implementing a module system on clojure
or other languages that lack a good modue system?
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