[zeromq-dev] Compile statically libzmq and czmq

Kerrigan29a kerrigan29a at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 16 00:23:14 CEST 2013

El 16/10/2013, a las 00:03, Shane Hubred <shane at hubred.us> escribió:

> I didn't use the --with-libzmq flag when I built czmq. Instead I did the following. Hope it helps.
> export CFLAGS=-I/tmp/build 
> export LDFLAGS=-L/tmp/build 
> ./configure --enable-static --disable-shared --prefix=/tmp/build && make && make instal
> Using the --with-libzmq flag should set up flags like so (from configure.ac):
>         CFLAGS="-I${with_libzmq}/include ${CFLAGS}"
>         LDFLAGS="-L${with_libzmq}/lib ${LDFLAGS}"
> I thought they should, but should the “include” and “lib” parts be there? 
> -Matt

Yes, is the same. So, as expected, I received the same error.
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