[zeromq-dev] [ANN] zmq-jni - Simple High Performance JNI Wrapper for ØMQ

Trevor Bernard trevor.bernard at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 14:23:18 CEST 2013


The goal of this project is to simplify and make easy the development
of ØMQ bindings on the JVM. I attempt to do this by providing a very
simple static interface (mirrors api.zeromq.org) and packaging up the
shared library in the JAR itself.

I currently only include Linux-amd64 in my builds but if you "mvn
install", it should correctly build the shared library for either
Linux or Mac 32 and 64 bit. Currently doesn't support Win but that's
on the road map. Also the binding only supports the 3.2.x libzmq with
near future plans on 4.x.


Clojure binding example can be found here:


Java binding example can be found here:


if you want to mess around with the Java binding, you must mvn install
the zmq-jni library first only until OSS Sonatype gives me push access
to my groupId,

Pull requests are always welcome!

Warmest regards,


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