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HG Choi c.hogyun at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 07:43:45 CEST 2013

To Developers,

Even though I do not enjoy dealing with Windows, I must do so at this point
in time. I have successfully cross-compiled libzmq, libczmq, and libfmq for
x86_64 Windows using Mingw under Linux. All three were tested using the
built selftests.exe. So now I know it is possible to use all three
libraries in Windows.

But the issue is that the current QT project that I am tying to integrate
FileMQ (zmq, czmq) into is a MSVC project. Thus my cross compiled mingw c++
libs are not compatible with the msvc compiler. I have been told this is
due to C++ name mangling issues.


I have tried to create mvsc compatible libs through DLLs using the visual
studio dumpbin, dlltool, and def file method, but also no luck. Maybe
someone has succeeded?

Cross compiliation with x86_64-w64-mingw32 toolset to Windows definitely
works, but as far as I know, for MSVC, I am not sure. I have tried using
the i586-mingw32msvc but without success..

For my situation, the ideal method of building these libraries is to use
the msvc solution files on a Windows host, but I could only get libzmq to
build cleanly without errors.

Below is the errors I receive from a fresh czmq-master on Visual Studio

If anyone has any clues to what is causing the errors or successfully built
CZMQ and FMQ using Visual Studio for Windows x86_64, I would really
appreciate the guidance.

Thank you for reading,

Ho-Gyun Choi
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