[zeromq-dev] my minimal crypto_box / crypto_box_open test fails

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Wed Oct 2 10:37:52 CEST 2013

I am trying to make working a minimal test of crypto_box / 
crypto_box_open, based on libzmq's curve_client.cpp :

     uint8_t k1_public [crypto_box_PUBLICKEYBYTES];
     uint8_t k1_secret [crypto_box_SECRETKEYBYTES];
     int rc = crypto_box_keypair (k1_public, k1_secret);
     uint8_t k2_public [crypto_box_PUBLICKEYBYTES];
     uint8_t k2_secret [crypto_box_SECRETKEYBYTES];
     rc = crypto_box_keypair (k2_public, k2_secret);
     uint8_t zeros [crypto_box_ZEROBYTES];
     memset (zeros, 0u, crypto_box_ZEROBYTES);
     uint8_t hello_plaintext1 [crypto_box_ZEROBYTES + 256];
     memset(hello_plaintext1, 0, crypto_box_ZEROBYTES);
     memset(hello_plaintext1 + crypto_box_ZEROBYTES, '_', 256);
     rc = memcmp(hello_plaintext1, zeros, crypto_box_ZEROBYTES);
     uint8_t hello_box0 [crypto_box_BOXZEROBYTES + 256];
     uint8_t hello_nonce0 [crypto_box_NONCEBYTES];
     memcpy (hello_nonce0, "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx", 24);
     uint64_t nonce_val = 1;
     memcpy (hello_nonce0 + 16, &nonce_val, 8);
     rc = crypto_box (hello_box0, hello_plaintext1,
                          sizeof hello_plaintext1,
                          hello_nonce0, k2_public, k1_secret);
     uint8_t hello_plaintext2 [crypto_box_ZEROBYTES + 256];
     rc = memcmp(hello_box0, zeros, crypto_box_BOXZEROBYTES);
     rc = crypto_box_open (hello_plaintext2, hello_box0,
                               sizeof hello_box0,
                               hello_nonce0, k1_public, k2_secret);
     rc = memcmp(hello_plaintext1 + crypto_box_ZEROBYTES, 
hello_plaintext2 + crypto_box_ZEROBYTES, 256);

It fails at crypto_box_open. In the debugger, all the prerequisites 
looks right. Could one tell me please what I am doing wrong ? I am on 
this since yesterday noon and it makes me crasy, though, it should be 
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