[zeromq-dev] Assertion failed: get_load () == 0 (poller_base.cpp:31)

Renato Samperio mintaka_alnitak at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 2 09:22:52 CEST 2013


While running an extensive test sending messages from PUB/SUB pattern, we had an assertion failure that caused a kill of a process.

The message says:

Assertion failed: get_load () == 0 (poller_base.cpp:31)

This comes from a PUB process and after the socket was closed. Also, this assertion happened before or during the context destruction.

We run this code for long periods of time and we 
see an assertion failure from ZMQ, which is quite disappointing because we
 would expect an error back from the library not a kill. We think the assertions should not be in the library because they will kill our processes.

We could provide a minimal test case (as requested in a similar issue by Pieter) but our automated tests were done in a very long run and most of the times it runs successfully. Also, we were not attending the system while it crashed.

Does any one knows:
 - What does it mean? 
 - What happened? In our tests we send plain strings continuously from a PUBlisher to  a SUBscriber.
 - How could we avoid this problem?

We have also documented an older issue related to Python but in our opinion it is not useful. Any feedback is very welcome. 


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