[zeromq-dev] reusing a mount point

Andrew Hume andrew at research.att.com
Thu Nov 28 15:42:19 CET 2013

a few months ago, i moved to czmq 3.2.3 and i’ve been quite happy except for one issue.
i notice this rarely, so i’ve let it sit but now its become a nuisance.

i have a stats_server which binds a PULL on port 46502.
i have a hist_server which connects a PUSH to port 46502.
ordinarily, the stats_server stays up for ever, while every now and then,
we restart the hist_server process. so far, so good. and like always,
we can start these servers in either order and it all works.

what happens when we forget to restart the stats_server?
the hist_server runs happily, sending stats over the channel on 46502.
after (hours, days), we finally observe the stats_server is not up and we
start it. it now fails because port 46502 “is in use”.

this seems to be a bug to me.

Andrew Hume
949-707-1964 (VO and best)
732-420-0907 (NJ)
andrew at research.att.com

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