[zeromq-dev] sub socket could not recieve msg when iptables restart

Zhong Kaixiang xiang.ace at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 06:28:32 CET 2013

i use pub sub the two socket at the client, and xpub-xsub at server 
when i restart iptables at client machine,
the pub could send msg to xsub as usal, but the xpub could not send msg to 

then i create test case using other socket type:
1. dealer at the client, router at the server 
    dealer send msg to router  per 3second, and router get the msg, just 
return to dealer

2. router send msg to dealer per 3second, and dealer just only get msg 
without doing nothing

the case 1 work all the time
the case 2, dealer could not get msg, when the iptables restart 

about iptables, what option should i use to avoid the problem? 
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