[zeromq-dev] Solving GNU stdc++ linker error on QNX platform

Jiva Bagale jnbagale at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 18:59:06 CET 2013

I am trying to create application using ZeroMQ 3.2.2 in QNX platform 
used by Blackberry 10 OS.
They have 2 different development routes called as Core native and 
Cascade. Core native has
good support for GNU stdc++ library so I can run ZeroMQ examples on 
their Core Native platform.
But I am trying to use Cascade which has strong GUI functions and it 
does not seem to have good support
for GNU stdc++ library. I am getting run time errors saying "undefined 
reference to various functions".
I have added -lstdc++ flags while compiling ZeroMQ library and also to 
the ZeroMQ example.
I contacted some blackberry developers regarding this but they were not 
able to help me.

My query is: Will it be possible to recompile ZeroMQ with different 
flags to avoid this issue?
Hope it is not a dead end for me unless GNU stdc++ is not supported on 
that platform.
Also, I have seen --with-c or --with-cpp flags being used while 
compiling ZeroMQ, Will they be of any help in this scenario?.

My actual usage scenario is: I have a C library which uses ZeroMQ functions.
Now I am trying to create an C++ application which uses my C library by 
doing extern "C" {include ...}
The same setup of application works fine on their Core Native platform 
but not on Cascade.

Many Thanks in advance
Jiva Bagale

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