[zeromq-dev] Status of clrzmq maintenance

Cosmo Harrigan cosmo.harrigan at singularityu.org
Mon Nov 25 09:34:47 CET 2013


Thanks for creating ZeroMQ - it is a useful framework.

I have recently started using clrzmq in some projects, and I am curious to
inquire about the status of the clrzmq .NET bindings.

NuGet still only shows the older version by default, targeting 2.2. The
version targeting 3.2 is still listed as a prerelease, and was last updated
on 11/6/2012, more than a year ago:

Are there plans to move this to a stable release?

Furthermore, in the prerelease version, it says the bundled ZeroMQ version
is 3.2.2-rc2. Are there plans to target the current version of 3.2.4? Are
there plans to add support for version 4?

Additionally, the pull requests and issue trackers for clrzmq contain open
items from 1-2 years ago. Is clrzmq being actively maintained?

Kind regards,
Cosmo Harrigan
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