[zeromq-dev] libzmq version in clrzmq 2.2.5

Cosmo Harrigan cosmo.harrigan at singularityu.org
Thu Nov 21 20:02:32 CET 2013


Our current C# application depends on clrzmq 2.2.5 and I have the following

What version of libzmq is included in clrzmq 2.2.5?

Would the source of clrzmq 2.2.5 be compatible to build with libzmq.dll
version 3.2.2-rc2?

clrzmq 2.2.5 is the current Stable version in NuGet package manager,
published 7/21/2012. There is a Prerelease version of clrzmq, 3.0.0-rc1,
published 11/6/2012. Is there anyone actively working on moving this
version to Stable?

Best regards,
Cosmo Harrigan
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