[zeromq-dev] pyczmq 0.4 release

Michel Pelletier pelletier.michel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 19:01:55 CET 2013


I'd like to announce the first release of pyczmq, a Python CFFI wrapper
around the czmq and zmq libraries.  pyczmq consists of 3 different API
layers around czmq, a very low-level CFFI wrapper, a higher level
functional wrapper around the low level wrapper that provides some
convenient type conversion and memory management, and a high level,
object-oriented "pythonic" API which provide Context, Socket, Frame,
Beacon, Loop and Message types.

The code can be found at github:


Documentation can be found at readthedocs:


Special thanks goes to Chris Laws who provided extensive tests based on
existing czmq tests, bug fixes, and the high level OO types, and to Pieter
Hintjens who provided documentation, guidance and reviews, and answered
technical questions we had about the underlying library.

pyczmq 0.0.4 can be installed with pip or easy_install:

  pip install pyczmq

or downloaded directly from pypi at:


It requires cffi and czmq, which in turn requires zmq.  It has been tested
with zmq 4.0.1 and czmq 2.0.2.  Please report any issues to the github
tracker, and of course, any pull requests for new features or bug fixes are
always welcome!

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