[zeromq-dev] identify server endpoint disconnection from client socket

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Wed Nov 13 14:05:03 CET 2013

My 2 cts:
1) Either you set a time-out superior to the maximum server response 
time with some reasonable margin.
2) Either you set-up another socket which PUBlish an alive state, along 
with the required  logic and priorities on the server.

Le 13/11/2013 13:03, Sameer Mahajan a écrit :
> How do I find out from a zero MQ socket client program that the remote 
> connection is down (e.g. the server is down). When I do a recv and the 
> server is down it blocks if I do not set any timeout. However in my 
> case I cannot put any reliable timeout value to get around it since 
> otherwise the recv times out even when the server is up but the 
> response really takes longer than the timeout value that I have set.
> Any ideas?
> thanks,
> sameer
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