[zeromq-dev] PUB/SUB in realtime, aka real radio broadcast

Samuele Carli carlisamuele at csspace.net
Mon Nov 11 00:55:44 CET 2013

On 11/10/2013 09:12 PM, Bruno D. Rodrigues wrote:
> I'm unable to test this but as I see a sleep 0.5 and a constant delay
> increase of 1sec I'd suggest the receiver to instead of sleeping a
> fixed time, to poll, with a timeout value until the next tick. That
> way if the receive and your code takes 0.75s, the poll can Sleep only
> Up to 0.25s, but more importamtly, consume the Messages already on the
> air.

Indeed, what you say is perfectly right. But in my case I'm interested in simulating a slow receiver (one of many, and that's why it waits so much) while the producer is very fast and produces at variable rates.
In my mind, the slow receiver should receive a packet, do its job (which in the real case can take a random time up to a few seconds), and do another receive when it's ready again.
With a HWM set at 1 packet, I would expect the receiver to always get the most fresh package (well, 2 packages 'ago' if one is queued server side and one client side), but as my demo proves, instead packets are not dropped as expected but there is a very long queue forming somewhere.

I'm trying to understand whether this is the expected behavior or if indeed there is a problem either with zmq or with my code (where the latter is by far the most probable, of course).

Thanks for your help!


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