[zeromq-dev] statefull proxy or broker ?

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Fri Nov 8 16:17:37 CET 2013

Hi All,

I would like your advices on an architectural point please, where 
sessions between clients and workers shall be managed. A session starts 
with an authentication of the client, then there are both sides messages 
exchanges, then one closes the session. During a session, in my project, 
there is some "memory" in the exchanges. So either one client shall 
speak always to the same worker, either the "memory" aspects shall be 
managed by a broker.

To be clear, let's consider the two following solutions:

 1. CLIENTS---PROXY---WORKERS: Here, the "memory" is managed at WORKER
    level. Then the PROXY shall link one CLIENT always to the same
    WORKER, so the PROXY is ROUTER-ROUTER. The CLIENT identities are put
    in a table of WORKER assignation inside the PROXY.
 2. CLIENTS---BROKER---WORKERS: Here, the "memory" is managed at BROKER
    level. The jobs sent to the WORKER can be performed as a single task
    unit, and one CLIENT can use different WORKERs transparently in the
    same session. Here, the BROKER can be a ROUTER-DEALER. But the
    BROKER can therefore be a bottleneck if the "memory" management is a
    bit heavy.

Your thoughts please, pros/cons, other solutions ?


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