[zeromq-dev] memory preallocation for realtime use cases

mitch p michel.p.mail at gmail.com
Sun May 19 21:49:25 CEST 2013


I read pdf(s) and code to see if zmq could fit my current use cases

I've got some problems to understand the memory management:

- for "send": ok it seems that i can manage my own list of buffers and be
informed with the free callback the the buffer is not used by the lib.
There is the malloc for the content_t part of a msg...

- for the "recv": even if i prepare a msg with a data buffer, it is freed
before the reading (i see msg_close when i follow the source code)

so i wonder how can I alloc all the memory at start of my app, and say to
zmq lib "work with that"

can you light me?

with my best regards, and my apologies for my experimental english

michel pacilli
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