[zeromq-dev] sending and receiving multiple messages and replies from same thread

Hamed Afshar hamed_afshar at yahoo.com
Wed May 15 14:14:06 CEST 2013

I want to use zeromq for the following scenario, but can't recognize the proper pattern for this.
Server listens to port 5555. When a client connects to server, thread A handles this connection and from now on, every request from client goes to thread A, and thread A sends a reply to the client.

Currently, I am using normal req/rep pattern with Router/Dealer on top to handle multithreading. but every request from a client is round robined and load balanced between thread. What I need, is that when a thread answers the first request from a client, from now on, the same thread answer the rest of the requests from that client. (like having a persistent connection with client).

Is this scenario possible with ZMQ? if yes, how?

Thank you very much for your assistance,
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