[zeromq-dev] Getting information about connected hosts, hitting high water mark, etc.

Randall Nortman rnzmq at wonderclown.net
Tue May 14 14:54:00 CEST 2013

While I'm complaining about stuff missing from the current API, let me
mention this: It would be nice to be able to get at some information
about what peers are currently connected to a socket, and how close
each peer is to hitting its high water mark (i.e., how many queued
messages).  It would also be nice to get connect/disconnect and
muted/unmuted notifications somehow.  These could be reported via
zmq_poll() (either as ZMQ_POLLERR or a new ZMQ_POLLPEERSTATUS or
something like that), or if you want to get really fancy, report them
back to the app via a special inproc PUB/SUB socket.  I like the
latter, but it's more like a high-level API while the rest of libzmq
is currently more like a low-level socket API.  A higher-level library
could always build the latter on top of the former.

By the way, my complaining is a form of flattery.  I wouldn't bother
complaining about something I didn't really want to use.  ZMQ is
pretty cool and has a lot of promise, it just has a little more
maturing to do.

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