[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ with C++ and Fibers

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Fri May 10 05:08:27 CEST 2013

On 9 May 2013 18:39, Ian Upright <ian-public at upright.net> wrote:

> It's not completely clear to me how I would combine ZeroMQ with a task
> library such as above.  Is it possible to combine the two?  If so, does
> anyone have any idea or examples of how that could be achieved?

Fibers are a bit old hat, Windows supports them for compatibility in
porting.  The only caveat with 0mq is sockets passing through threads,
fiber implementations generally do not permit fibers to migrate.

The challenge with fibers is how to yield.  This would generally mean each
fiber polling their 0mq sockets and yielding if empty.  This would
generally lead to inefficient power usage compared with vanilla threading
models as all the fibers will constantly spin unless under heavy traffic.

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