[zeromq-dev] a hot discussion on ZMQ vs YAMI; evaluation of middleware we did at CERN at the end of 2011

Andrzej Dworak Andrzej.Dworak at cern.ch
Thu May 2 15:36:56 CEST 2013

Dear colleagues,

First of all I should have sent that paper more than a year ago, sorry. Hopefully it will be still of some value... In fact it was only a very interesting discussion at reddit that reminded me to send the small review we did. Again, sorry for being late on that.


I hope 150k is not an issue for any box... 
To sum up the paper: we have evaluated a number of middlewares in the context of our requirements. A short description of each product is provided and how it would fit into our system. The result - ZMQ fits perfectly in our environment, better than anything else. For details on the requirements* and why ZMQ is better for us than anything else with have tried see the paper.


*I guess our reqs are quite common to any big scalable distributed system that needs to survive the next +10 years.
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