[zeromq-dev] Needed help on installing zeromq on my Windows 7

Thirumalai murugan getmurugan_g at yahoo.com
Thu May 2 15:45:04 CEST 2013

Hi there,

I am looking for installing zeromq on my Windows 7 machine for using zeromq with PHP (I am using WAMP server (5.4.3), Apache Server 2.2.22).
I followed the documentation on their site,(http://www.zeromq.org/bindings%3aphp) but I don't know what to do. I installed the zeromq from the following site(http://miru.hk/archive/ZeroMQ-3.2.2rc2~miru1.5-x64.exe), then I tried to copy the dll from this site( http://snapshot.zero.mq/) but it's down. so I have downloaded the dll from this site
 Am I want to install only the Windows installer from from this link(http://www.zeromq.org/intro%3aget-the-software), or is there anything else needed?

I have taken the following effort
I'm using PHP 5.3.4 x64 version and Windows 7 x64. I tried the following steps:
	1. I have installed ZeroMQ-2.2.0~miru1.0-win32.exe
	2. copied libzmq.dll to c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3
	3. copied php-zmq\php54\php54-ts_zeromq-3.2.2 to c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3\ext
	4. enabled the php_zmq extension in php.ini
	5. I restarted the WAMP. It shows the following error in error log
PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.4.3/ext/php_zmq.dll' - The specified module could not be found.\r\n in Unknown on line 0
What could be the problem?

Thanks and regards,
Thirumalai murugan.G
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