[zeromq-dev] OpenWRT dev with ZMQ

Victor Perron victor at iso3103.net
Sat Mar 30 03:26:06 CET 2013


For the needs of my new company I have been involved a lot with Zeromq
lately, especially about using it in constrained OpenWRT boxes.
So now I'd like to share with the community some of the results here, such

-  a collection of package Makefiles for OpenWRT builds (zeromq, czmq,
filemq, zyre)

- a remote management daemon whose internals are almost 100% zmq-based

Hopefully it will be as useful to some people as it is to me.

And thanks again to zeromq community, not only the software is good, but
the codestyle, the design, the way of writing protocols, contributing etc;
almost everything from it has been a large source of inpiration to me those
last months. Thumbs up !

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