[zeromq-dev] libuv vs. ZMQ_FD

Alexey Kupershtokh alexey.kupershtokh at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 18:10:50 CET 2013

Hello. I'm trying to solve a problem with a
https://github.com/JustinTulloss/zeromq.node package. It's a binding for
I've found that the current code performs uv_poll_init_socket and
uv_poll_start at the socket creation before any real binding a port or
At the time of these calls the getsockopt(...,ZMQ_FD,...) = 12. But the
subsequent bind/connect calls change the value to something different
So I would like to get some feedback of why the ZMQ_FD option value changes
and is it still should be ok that uv polls the initial FD (= 12 in my case)
Also how does ZMQ_FD handles cases like when a dealer is connected to
multiple endpoints? Does the one FD services all of these connections?
Thanks in advance!
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