[zeromq-dev] cleaning up TCP sockets

Joel Lauener Joel.Lauener at cern.ch
Tue Mar 26 15:14:19 CET 2013

>> So we're going to provide a way to a ROUTER closes clients by Identity?

>I'll discuss this with Martin Hurton. There will be protocol changes (client needs to know not to reconnect immediately).

For us (at CERN) we mostly need this for the case where the client is so broken that he is not going to try to reconnect. However its TCP stack is still alive and he is keeping the socket open. In such case we want to have a mean to clean the socket resource on the server side. So simply closing a ROUTER's underlying socket by client identity is enough. No protocol change needed, at least for us ;)

If we want to close a client and prevent it from reconnecting, we use our high level protocol. Server send a CLOSE message to the client. Client close the socket (which in turn close the socket on the server's side) and mark the connection (it will be disabled until server re-enable it). This is an high level behaviour that can be triggered programmatically from the server or through an administrative GUI.

In any case, we are very interested by any progress in this area so please keep me informed (issue tracking?).
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