[zeromq-dev] Pub/Sub - Occasional loss of messages

Yu Dongmin miniway at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 17:36:39 CET 2013


Right zero is the right value for the unlimited.

I was not able to run you example as the attached was not full sources of your case. 

Anyway, I suggested the unlimited HWM to find out HWM was reached through OOM. 

Otherwise, try adding a small sleep at your pub at every N (a smaller value than HWM) messages.


On Mar 17, 2013, at 7:21 PM, Erwin Karbasi <erwin at optinity.com> wrote:

> Hello Min,
> Ay help please about our following issue, I've attached our testing source code.
> We're in the getting decision phase for Messaging platform and your assistance highly appreciated.
> We've found from the documentation that unlimited HWM is zero and not -1.
> Thank you a lot for update.
> Please find attached out test case code excerpt attached.
> Your insight would be highly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Erwin
> AT&T, Senior Software Architect
> <zeromq-pub-sub.txt>

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