[zeromq-dev] ForwarderDevice in .Net c#

Noel Anderton noelAnderton at cox.net
Sat Mar 9 02:51:16 CET 2013

Hi, I am having no luck getting a Forwarder device working with C# bindings


I have created my own rudimentary forwarder the code is here


I can connect to both the front and backend and publish to, and successfully
subscribe to this, but when I try to do the same with the ForwarderDevice it
does not work.



My code for the forwarder looks like this


ForwarderDevice = new ForwarderDevice(context, "tcp://*:5550",
"tcp://*:5553", DeviceMode.Threaded);


while (!ForwarderDevice.IsRunning)

{ }


The publisher and subscriber both connect and they are unchanged from my
home grown one that works and the provided one that I cant get to work yet.


Front end 



Back end



I am sending a multipart message , but I never receive anything.


Any help is appreciated 





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