[zeromq-dev] Data integrity and security using ZeroMQ over a WAN

Adam Covitch adam.covitch at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 14:02:00 CET 2013

Is there a standard approach to ensuring data integrity and security using
ZeroMQ? I'm new to this community and don't see an obvious approach.

By 'data integrity' I mean that the message recieved is the same as the one
sent. We'll mostly be messaging over TCP, which has problems with jumbo
packets. But I want to ensure end-to-end data integrity, including
encryption and message packaging. I'm thinking along the lines of embedding
a checksum in the message or something like that. Not a big deal to roll my
own solution, but I would rather not reinvent the wheel.. If ZeroMQ doesn't
offer this, are there any transfer protocol technologies that may help? I
was planning on just using JSON or BSON, but am open to alternatives.

By 'security' I mean to make it reasonably difficult for my message to be
interpreted by sniffing the network traffic. I was originally thinking
about tunneling the ZeroMQ connection over SSH, but was told that this
would degrade performance considerably.

Any thoughts are welcome!
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