[zeromq-dev] Clean shutdown of PUSH/PULL pipeline inproc

Gerrit Hendrikus van Doorn g.h.vandoorn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 18:58:15 CET 2013

When sending N STOP messages through a pipeline, these messages might be
received at the SINK before the other messages have been processed by the

Another (but not ideal) method  is to have every worker send every message
to the SINK. The client, when finished, can publish (using a PUB socket)
the total number of messages it send to the SINK, which then counts the
number of received messages and exits when the total number is reached.
Before exiting it would notify the workers using another PUB/SUB
The downside of this construct is that every message that a worker received
has to be passed on to the SINK.

- Gerrit
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