[zeromq-dev] Access ZeroMQ Error Messages in C++?

Richard_Newton at waters.com Richard_Newton at waters.com
Tue Jul 30 10:07:09 CEST 2013

Hi Riskybiz

Assuming you are using cppzmq it will throw an exception, so you can do:

catch (const zmq::error_t& e)
	std::string errStr = e.what();


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Subject:	[zeromq-dev] Access ZeroMQ Error Messages in C++?
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So I’ve worked out how to get ZeroMQ error messages like so:

int rc = zmq_bind(server, "tcp://*:5555");

    if(rc == -1)


    std::string errStr =  zmq_strerror(zmq_errno());

    std::string errConc = "TestDataAccess: ZMQServer: Bind To REP Failed: " + errStr;

    const char* errOut = errConc.c_str();


    return 1;


Question is; how do I catch ZeroMQ error messages in C++;  say if I wanted to use:


the obvious way I tried:

int rc = client.connect("tcp://localhost:5555");

is just not valid because;


returns type ‘void’.

Can anyone provide a quick C++ example of how to accomplish this?


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