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I am currently trying to develop a server using 0mq.  The problem is that I keep having the same error message (retrieved using the zmq_strerror function) while sending the message :Resource temporarily unavailable.This correspond to the following error message number : eagain  and approximatively mean : Non-blocking mode was requested and the message cannot be sent at the moment.
My code is the following :
int main () {	//  Prepare our context and publisher	zmq::context_t context (1);	zmq::socket_t publisher (context, ZMQ_PUB);	publisher.bind("ipc://weather.ipc");
	while (1) {		int zipcode, temperature, relhumidity;
		//  Get values that will fool the boss		zipcode     = within (100000);		temperature	= within (215) - 80;		relhumidity	= within (50) + 10;
		//  Send message to all subscribers        zmq::message_t message(20);        snprintf ((char *) message.data(), 20 ,                "%05d %d %d", zipcode, temperature, relhumidity);		bool b = publisher.send(message);		if(b){			printf("%s.\n", zmq_strerror(errno));		}		sleep(1);	}	return 0;}
This code is highly inspired by this example : http://zguide.zeromq.org/cpp:wuserverCould you help me find the source of my problem ?
Cordially,Guillaume Bersac237bis rue de Pessac33000 Bordeaux06.
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