[zeromq-dev] Windows 7 problem - error in zmq_msg_init_size: Not enough space

Andy Gotz andy.gotz at esrf.fr
Tue Jul 2 09:47:03 CEST 2013


I am trying to run the Remote_thr.exe application in the perf 
sub-directory of the distribution on Windows 7 with large messages.

When I run remote_thr.exe with >2MB messages I get a "Not enough space" 

$ ./Remote_thr.exe tcp://w.x.y.z:9000 8000000 10000
error in zmq_msg_init_size: Not enough space

The PC is running Windows 7 32 bit version and has 4 GB of memory. Does 
anyone know how can I make this work? According to the Microsoft 
documentation I should be able to address at least 2 GB of memory with 
Windows 32 bit.

I would like to send large messages of many MB's as efficiently as 
possible over a 10 GBps link.

Thanks in advance


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