[zeromq-dev] Dealer router scenario

James Marcus marcus.james at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 17:43:53 CET 2013

When we use the Dealer/Router scenario we can send a message but the dealer
doesn't get a message back.  We can send a message to the router and the
message is received by the router, and we can send it back without
exceptions, but the dealer is blocked on receive.

This happens only some of our installations of CentOS.  Mostly CentOS 6.3,
but we have varying success with 5.9.

Remote_lat and local_lat work on the machines. local_thr and remote_thr
seems like gets are blocked.

Binding on a PUB socket we use tcp://* throws an exception, is this by
design?  Because this seems to work on the our development VMs.

We did try and request reply pattern, REQ, REP and it works on all of our
installations. But this isn't the solution we want to use.

What are the common issues that block replies to the dealer from the
router?  Can this be an OS/Networking issue, or a bug?


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