[zeromq-dev] zmq fundamental clarification

Joachim Worringen joachim.worringen at iathh.de
Fri Jan 25 14:13:38 CET 2013

Thanks for the helpul answer, everybody.

On 01/25/2013 11:14 AM, Pieter Hintjens wrote:
> Joachim,
> You are, presumably speaking of the very specific case of a high
> frequency publisher that does nothing except send messages, right?

For 2., yes.

But 1. is a general concern also for request/reply patterns, and this is 
also where 3. matters (which is not relevant to multicast anyway...).

> ZeroMQ isn't optimized for this case, and with the current library the
> answer is "no" to all your questions.
> However, you could consider a dedicated single-threaded PUB
> implementation. I've a simple proof of concept here:
> https://github.com/hintjens/zmtplib/blob/master/src/pubz.c
> The throughput isn't as high as libzmq because there is no batching,
> but latency should be significantly better, without jitter. This is a
> TCP version.
> If this is a direction you'd like to investigate we can look at what
> it would take to turn the PoC into real usable code.

O.k, so you are open to development into this direction. That's good.

As I have considerable experience in implementing messaging as well, we 
could certainly test this here and possibly contribute. The joy of open 

cheers, Joachim

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