[zeromq-dev] zmq fundamental clarification

Charles Remes lists at chuckremes.com
Fri Jan 25 13:50:51 CET 2013

1. No.

2. I don't know.

3. Take a look at zmq_socket_monitor. That function may provide what you need.


On Jan 25, 2013, at 3:10 AM, Joachim Worringen <joachim.worringen at iathh.de> wrote:

> Greetings,
> we are considering to use zmq for our very latency-sensitive distributed 
> application. zmq offers very compelling features. I searched the web and 
> skimmed through the excellent zmq book, but still have some fundamental 
> issues:
> 1. Is there a way to actually send messages in the context of the 
> application thread? Something like "direct send" (or call it synchronously).
> Background: The additonal hop between the application thread and zmq i/o 
> thread add latency and, most of all, jitter esp. on loaded machines. 
> Sending the data directly will improve this, esp. with solutions as 
> Solarflare/OpenOnload or similar.
> The benchmark data in the Wiki with pingpong/2 of around 30us supports 
> this, as we certainly target latencies <10us for this kind of test (and 
> we do achieve them easily with direct socket access).
> 2. Does zmq support source-specific multicast?
> Background: we do not want to set up and maintain global VLANs between 
> our data centers. We are forced into doing this for certain reasons now, 
> but it's a PITA and we want to get rid of this.
> 3. The transparent connection management, and buffering of messages that 
> can currently not be sent, is something we need to avoid in certain 
> situations. Instead, we'd like to get immediate notification on a failed 
> connectione ("remote peer went disconnected"). Is this possible?
> thanks, Joachim
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