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On 18 January 2013 15:14, Nishant Mittal <nmittal at rblt.com> wrote:

> I have 3 workers (REP) connected to a DLR socket. each worker takes a msg,
> processes and responds... however, as the DLR socket fair-queues.. requests
> are sent like this...
> 1st -> 1st worker
> 2nd -> 2nd worker
> 3rd -> 3rd worker
> 4th -> 1st worker
> problem is if the 1st worker is still busy with the 1st request the 4th
> request waits... even if the 2nd and 3rd workers are free. I am "guessing"
> its because of the receive buffer on the REP socket..
> is it possible to fix this by setting the ZMQ_RCVHWM to 0?
I'm not sure if it will help your use case, but have you read through the
load balancing example in the guide?


Workers are only given work to do if they are free, so you never get the
problem of some workers having a queue of things to process while others
are idle.


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