[zeromq-dev] Brokerless State Synchronization

Evan Todd et1337 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 21:23:01 CET 2013

I'm working on a system analogous to a chat service. It has the following

- Must be brokerless and able to add or lose nodes without corrupting the
- Each chatroom holds a max of X users which can be connected to different
nodes in the cluster
- Upon accepting a client connection, we have to find a chatroom that is
neither full nor empty, or create a new one

I originally solved this with the Clone pattern, so each node kept a full
in-memory list of all the chatrooms, and a broker kept them in sync. The
guide doesn't cover the decentralized version of this though. What would
that look like? Or better yet, is there a solution that doesn't involve
state synchronization?

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